TeaSpresso – Rooibos Cappuccino

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GMO Free, Unsweetened, Sugar-Free, Gluten Free

Sweet and Nuttty Rooibos flavour

Full cream milk powder, Foamer (Glucose Syrup, Skimmed milk, Coconut Fat, Whey, Milk powder, Stabiliser E 340), Whey, Rooibos

144g Makes + 8 cups

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Instant Rooibos Cappuccino that is unsweetened. Just add boiling water and stir and you will have a foamy creamy drink with a nice strong Rooibos flavour.

It is Caffeine Free & contains no harmful Oil and No GMO. Low in Tannin. Suitable for children, pregnancy and breastfeeding.
Produced in South Africa

How to Prepare:
250ml Hot Latte: Mix 25g (3tsp) powder with a little milk and stir into a paste. Add hot or frothy milk and stir
350ml Ice Frappe: Blend together 50ml scoop of powder, 100ml milk / Ice cream and 1 and a half cup of ice

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