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Spoil yourself with this winter warmer tea bundle. While stocks last. This bundle contains:

1 x 800ml glass teapot
1 x matching burner
1 x 200g Khoisan Green Rooibos
1 x 200g Ouhuis Rooibos
1 x 40g Biedouwvalley Rooibos and Chai

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Bring out your natural vitality with this bundle of some of our most popular teas.

Each bundle contains:

Glass teapot with matching burner: beautiful 800ml glass teapot with a matching burner that will keep your tea warm while it brews to perfection

Khoisan Green Rooibos: 200g of unfermented loose leaf rooibos tea. Sweet and grassy. 100% Organic Green Rooibos

Ouhuis Rooibos Tea: 250g loose leaf rooibos tea. Perfect for crisp evening. Crisp, well-rounded, smooth, nutty and full-bodied. 100% organic rooibos

Biedouwvalley Rooibos and Chai: 40 tea bags. Lovely tea of winter and summer. Pleasant, slightly spicy, full-bodied

Sip with purpose - every tea supports the creation of sustainable incomes for South African households.

Cedarberg, Western Cape, South Africa

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