Taka Turmeric – Organic Ginger Lemon


Zingy, Ginger, lemon

100% Organic Ingredients: Turmeric, Ginger, Lemon Peel, Grated Coconut, Rose Hip, Fenugreek, Black Pepper.

15 tea bags

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An uplifting fusion of warming ginger and zingy lemon, stimulates the senses for a golden glow from the inside out. With a little black pepper and coconut, to activate and absorb the goodness of turmeric. 

Just add hot water and sweeten to taste.

15 individually sealed coconut, lemon, turmeric & ginger tea bags

Caffeine-free treat suitable for great for mornings, daytime or evenings


Blended in Western Cape, South Africa

How to Prepare:
Brewing a warming cup of Taka Golden Ginger tea is quick and easy. Just add a single tea bag to a cup of freshly boiled water, then leave to brew for a few minutes. The turmeric, ginger and lemon gradually infuse the water with a sunshine yellow glow. The fragrance is incredibly exotic, carrying notes of intense ginger, lemon and subtle coconut.

Tip: Add lemon & honey for a softer, sweeter drink


Shelf life from date of manufacture 
36 months

Learn more about the benefits of Turmeric tea

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