Carmien – Pure Buchu


Buchu is a natural diuretic, flushing the urinary tract, keeping it healthy. Indigenous communities have been using buchu for centuries to treat a wide range of ailments

Velvety with a strong rooibos flavour

Superfine cut rooibos

1kg loose leaf

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Citrusdal, Cedarberg, Western Cape, South Africa

How to Prepare:
Place 3 teabags in a teapot with 800 ml boiling water (for a single 250 ml serving use 1 teabag). Steep 5-10 min. Allow tea to cool. For optimal results, preferably consume without milk, sugar or honey. Best enjoyed at 60°C.

Ice Tea: Hot brewed tea chilled makes a delicious ice tea. Natural fruit juice may be added if preferred.

Amount: 1 tea bag / 250ml
Water temp: 100C
Steep time. 3 - 5 minutes.
To ensure fully benefiting from the many rooibos health properties, preferably no milk, sugar or honey should be added. Best to enjoy at 65°C

Hot, Iced, Culinary.

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