Biedouwvalley-Babies and Kiddies Rooibos


Good for: Indigestion; Flatulence, Cramps;Colic

Calming, fresh

Fennel, Chamomile, Rooibos


40 tea bags


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Fennel has been used as a natural medicine for centuries with its properties been having said to help prevent and relieve muscle spasms, improve digestion, flatulence and stomach cramps. Many of the symptoms are associated with colic in infants. Chamomile is a mild sedative, which helps improve your kid's sleep quality. Some parents also use Chamomile tea for teething or to treat a colicky baby, as it helps in easing tummy pain.

Caffeine -free. Low in Tannin. Natural

Biedouw Valley, Cedarberg, Western Cape, South Africa

How to Prepare:
Amount: 1 tea bag / 250ml
Water temp: 100C
Steep time. 3 - 7 minutes.

For iced tea: Double the amount, steep for the required time (or longer) and pour over ice cubes to chill.

Can be served with or without sugar and milk, hot or ice-cold

Hot, Iced, Culinary

Shelf life from date of manufacture 
36 months

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