Biedouw Valley Rooibos – Chai and Rooibos

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Pleasant, slightly spicy, full-bodied

Rooibos, Ginger; Cloves; Black pepper; Cardamom; Cinnamon

40 teabags

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Biedouw Valley Chai and rooibos is natural painkiller, helps with Morning sickness; Indigestion; Insomnia; Exhaustion; Hay fever; Eczema; Anxiety; Acidity and Colds

High anti-oxidants, kilojoule free, anti-ageing

Caffeine free. Low in Tannin. Suitable for children, pregnancy and breastfeeding.  Natural

Cedarberg, Western Cape, South Africa

How to Prepare:
Amount: 1 tea bag / 250ml
Water temp: 100C
Steep time. 3 - 7 minutes.

For iced tea: Double the amount, steep for the required time (or longer) and pour over ice cubes to chill.

Can be served with or without sugar and milk, hot or ice cold

Hot, Iced, Culinary

Shelf life from date of manufacture 
36 months

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Weight0.168 kg
Dimensions8 × 8 × 14 cm

1 review for Biedouw Valley Rooibos – Chai and Rooibos

  1. Anton

    Absolutely an amazing company that goes the extra mile for their customers. They kept me up to date on the progress of my order, even after it was delivered.
    Love my Chai Rooibos and will definitely buy from you again!

    • Filicity

      Thank you so much, Anton. It was a pleasure to serve you.


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