Benefits of Matcha – part three of the Matcha series. We have already spoken about what Matcha is in part one and how to prepare Matcha in part two. The fact of the matter is that Matcha is not just a tasty drink used for traditional and nontraditional purposes. Matcha is, in fact, very healthy for you and we are going to give you 21 reasons why.

High in Antioxidants

One of the benefits of Matcha is that it contains a concentrated dosage of antioxidants, which generally reduces cell damage and prevents chronic diseases.

Could Help Protect the Liver

Worried about the state of your liver? Studies have shown that matcha could prevent liver damage and decrease the risk of liver disease. This is just another one of the benefits of matcha.


May Improve Cognitive Performance

Having trouble with your memory or struggling with a short attention span

Another side-effect of L-Theanine is the production of dopamine and serotonin. These two chemicals serve to enhance mood, improve memory, and promote better concentration. L-theanine promotes relaxation and facilitates sleep by contributing to a number of changes in the brain:

L-theanine elevates levels of GABA, as well as serotonin and dopamine. These chemicals are known as neurotransmitters, and they work in the brain to regulate emotions, mood, concentration, alertness, and sleep, as well as appetite, energy, and other cognitive skills. Increasing levels of these calming brain chemicals promote relaxation and can help with sleep.

At the same time, it is increasing chemicals that promote feelings of calm, L-theanine also reduces levels of chemicals in the brain that are linked to stress and anxiety. This may also be a way that L-theanine can protect brain cells against stress and age-related damage.

L-theanine appears to trigger the release of alpha-waves, which enhances relaxation, focus, and creativity. This is just another one of those benefits of matcha

One of the appealing aspects of L-theanine is that it works to relax without sedating. That can make L-theanine a good choice for people who are looking to enhance their “wakeful relaxation,” without worrying about becoming sleepy and fatigued during the day. To read more about L-theanine, go to this site

Could Aid in Cancer Prevention

Among antioxidants, catechins are the most potent and beneficial. One specific catechin called epigallocatechin gallate (EGCg) makes up 60% of the catechins in Matcha. Out of all the antioxidants, EGCg is the most widely recognized for its cancer-fighting properties.

May Decrease the Risk of Heart Disease

Studies have shown that one of the benefits of matcha is that matcha could very well decrease several heart disease risk factors and be associated with a decreased risk of heart disease and stroke. It has been proven that men who drink Matcha Green Tea are about 11% less likely to develop heart disease than those who don’t drink Matcha. In addition, studies of different populations have shown that people who drink Match on a regular basis have lower levels of LDL (bad) cholesterol while simultaneously displaying higher levels of HDL (good) cholesterol.

Could Increase Weight Loss

Wanting to lose a few pounds? Drinking Matcha has also been shown to increase metabolism and help the body burn fat about four times faster than average. Also, unlike many diet aides currently on the market, Matcha causes no negative side-effects such as increased heart rate and high blood pressure. This is another one of those benefits of matcha: no need for illogical diets.

It’s Very Easy to Prepare

There is more than one way to make matcha, so you can choose which one you like best. For more information, visit our Part 2: Preparing Matcha.

Enhances Calm

For over a millennium, Matcha has been used by Chinese Daoists and Japanese Zen Buddhist monks as a means of relaxation and meditation while remaining alert. The reason for this higher state of consciousness is due to the amino acid L-Theanine contained in the leaves used to make Matcha.

Increases Energy Levels and Endurance

Samurai drank Matcha before going into battle due to the tea’s energizing properties. While all green tea naturally contains caffeine, the energy boost received from Matcha is largely due to its unique combination of nutrients.

Health Benefits of Green Tea Powder (Matcha)

Health Benefits of Green Tea Powder (Matcha)

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Detoxifies the Body

During the last three weeks before tea leaves are harvested to be made into Matcha, Camellia sinensis are covered to deprive them of sunlight (to read more, visit our Part 1: What is Matcha). This causes a tremendous increase in chlorophyll production in the new growth of these plants. The resulting high levels of chlorophyll in Matcha not only give this tea its beautiful vibrant green colour, but it also acts as a powerful detoxifier capable of naturally removing heavy metals and chemical toxins from the body.

Fortifies the Immune System

The catechins in Matcha have been shown to have antibiotic properties which promote overall health. In addition, just one bowl of Matcha provides substantial quantities of Potassium, Vitamins A & C, Iron, Protein, and Calcium.

Controls Type-2 Diabetes

Matcha tea may prove pretty valuable in maintaining a healthy metabolism in diabetic individuals. Antioxidant-rich matcha tea is conducive to reducing the levels of triglycerides, cholesterol, and hepatic glucose content in diabetic individuals.

Prevents Kidney Damage

Investigative research shows that matcha tea exerts inhibitory action against the renal and hepatic damage of the kidneys by restraining the accumulation of advanced glycation end products in the kidneys.

Improves Cardiovascular Health

Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) present in the matcha helps to keep cholesterol levels low, ultimately maintaining cardiovascular health. A research study suggests that EGCG helps in reducing the accumulation of lipids and promotes autophagy in the vascular endothelial cells.

Protects against HIV

EGCG in matcha helps in protecting the brain of HIV patients. This defensive act attributes to its penetration power through the blood-brain barriers, which are not feasible for the commercially available anti-retroviral drugs. Who knew this was a benefit of matcha?

Improves Gastrointestinal Function

Having tummy problems? Matcha tea is very useful for treating gastrointestinal disorders. A research study conducted in this field has revealed that consumption of matcha stimulates the faecal excretion and helps the body to get rid of harmful chemicals and toxins.

Prevents Eye Disorder

Consumption of matcha leads to absorption of catechin in the tissues of the eye, which helps prevent blindness caused by cataracts. It also boosts vision and prevents eye disorders such as glaucoma. A useful benefit of matcha, don’t you think?

Fights Aging

As mentioned before, Matcha green tea is powerful because it is packed with antioxidants, which fight free radicals. These free radicals are the main cause regarding the damage of our cells and changing our DNA. As a result, they cause accelerated ageing. A benefit of matcha is proved to be of great help when it comes to prolonging life in a natural and healthy way. Moreover, the percentages were higher for women than for men.

Has UV Protection Properties

According to studies, green tea can make your skin more resistant to UV rays, thus also preventing premature skin ageing. Catechin, a strong antioxidant, protects the skin tissue from the harmful UV rays. Another benefit of matcha  – if drunk on a regular basis – will cause reduces skin redness because it makes your skin resistant to the harmful sun exposure.

Prevents Tooth Decay

Struggling with bad breath, tooth decay or unhealthy gums? No need to worry about that anymore. This is an awesome benefit of matcha. Firstly, green tea prevents cavity in your teeth because, when drinking green tea, your saliva is less acidic. Second, green tea lowers the chances of dental plaque and controls bacteria. Green tea is also capable of maintaining your gum health and due to its anti-inflammatory powers, green tea is capable of controlling periodontal disease. Cavities and unhealthy gums are prerequisites for bad teeth and, as a result, bad teeth lead to fewer teeth. Finally, green tea purifies and detoxifies your breath by eliminating the microbes in your mouth.


Keeps Allergies at Bay

Struggling with allergies? You will no longer be susceptible to allergies of any kind thanks to the benefits of matcha. EGCG binds to the lipid membrane, thus preventing the progression and growth of various human pathogens including herpes, A and C virus, hepatitis B, Candida albicans yeast and adenovirus Staphylococcus aureus bacteria. Likewise, EGCG can block IgE (a receptor responsible for allergic reactions) in a very effective way.

Builds a Stronger Bone Structure

Green tea can also play a big part in rejuvenating and building a stronger bone structure. In cases of a lack of vitamin D or calcium, brittle bones, or osteoporosis, is an expected outcome. According to studies, green tea has proved to fight osteoporosis successfully. Namely, polyphenols, a substance found in green tea, combined with alfacalcidol, is capable of reversing bone damage which was caused by chronic inflammation. Another benefit of matcha is also the stimulation of mineralization of the bones and removing bone tissue.

The health benefits of Matcha have been given to you clearly, but we don’t just want to educate you on why Matcha is good for you; we want to share these benefits with you. If you would like to become part of this tradition, contact us here and we will give you the help you seek.


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