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“A cup of tea would restore my normality – Douglas Adams”

As a child growing up in South Africa almost everyone would agree that you grow up around Rooibos: not keeping anything down – sip some slightly sweetened rooibos; sunburnt – soak in a bath of rooibos, replace the liquid in recipes for rooibos, rooibos with chai spices as you watch the campfire dance, long day – put your feet up with some sweet and milky rooibos… I also vividly recall teas place in my father’s side of the family – meals were always a family affair, breakfast- everyone sat down together to eat something accompanied by tea and every afternoon at 3 pm tea was served. Often accompanied by something sweet. Afternoon tea was always served whether it was a splendid affair with cakes and friends or in a mug as the family grounded themselves to finish the day. Ah, Sunday afternoons, chatting, touching base, laughing…having fun

My husband has similar “tea” memories. Tea continues to play a part in our family. Finding time for tea as we navigate raising a family and modern day living has proved interesting. Our afternoon teas have turned into a cuppa once the kids have gone to bed or a simple Sunday afternoon cup. We still use tea to heal and ground the family.

The Tea Journey idea was conceived over three years ago, taking us to 2017 to finally pull the trigger on sharing our love for tea with the world. We hope tea finds a special place in your heart as it is in ours.

Danielle and Bryan

The perfect paradox of simplicity and complexity

Tea benefits the whole person, warming your soul, healing your body and grounding your feet. It is your opportunity to meditate, to create a moment of stillness, for reflection, for yourself. Tea is your retreat from an increasingly turbulent world.

Established in 2017, The Tea Journey is growing into the biggest single source of teas in South Africa. Proud of our extensive range, we have something for everyone; from baby to mommy, to granny and grandpa, to daddy, the tea newbie and the tea enthusiast. We are committed to serving tea lovers, because of this and our passion for tea and what it represents we have dedicated ourselves to bringing tea and its accessories to one place. So that enjoying your favourite beverage becomes much easier and simpler.

Tea is an escape – Enjoy The Tea Journey!

Cape Town based and hosting a baby shower, kitchen tea, party or event and would like to book a tea tasting? Contact us and we will be in touch to understand how we can make your special occasion even more so

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